TBA is a creation of Carine Vermenot, who has been practicing her own form of neuromuscular & fascial therapy in NYC for ten years. It is an implementation of different modalities that she has studied, plus knowledge from her own personal experience doing bodywork.

TBA is a very unique and effective method drawing heavily from neuromuscular therapy and fascial release techniques, combined with techniques drawn from the psychotherapist Dr. David Grand that encourage deep emotional release.

Total Body Awakening is a combination of bodywork, helping emotional release, and stretching techniques that allow the client to be in charge of their own healing. It is a deep tissue therapy, using both physical and energetic bodywork to deal with a wide range of muscular and trauma-related challenges.

As a preventative and restorative modality this work releases the effects of trauma and frees blockages and adhesions, as well as stored toxins in the soft tissue. This brings about improved circulation, ease of motion, and a sense of balanced well-being. This is a proactive way of releasing the effect of injurious trauma and illness.

Distortion in fascia is a primary concern of Carine’s. Fascia is the connective tissue that runs all through your body; it is like a mesh that holds your whole body together, organs, bones, and skin. It is extremely sensitive – there are six times as many pain receptors in your fascia as in the rest of your body – and distortion of fascia is often a primary cause for bodily aches and pains. Carine applies fascial release methods to encourage supple and flexible fascia.

Total Body Awakening addresses these issues in these ways:

  • sink into the soft tissue
  • lengthening of tissue into traction
  • unwinding release of tissue

TBA also employs the usage of chi. Chi is the Universal Healing Spiral, intrinsic energy that is the ordering principle of life, and is present in and around all of us. It unites the mind and body and energizes the cells to access our true strength and healing potential. The use of Chi allows for the application of power without force. Chronic stress, fear, and worry all set up a situation in our body where chi is constantly being drained and scattered at an incredible rate.

By charging up more and more of that battery in your lower abdomen where energy is stored in the human body we can greatly enhance and strengthen our energy flow and thereby our health. Breathing exercises other energy generation techniques will greatly improve the four main characteristics of our chi which are the quantity, quality, balance and flow of our energy.