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Nik I.

I first went to Carine to help release muscle tension as I trained for a half marathon. She ended up helping me in ways I never could have dreamed of. I had recently gone through a very traumatic sexual abuse experience. One where I would eventually have to testify in court about what happened. Through… Lire la suite »

Dumpy d.

Carine has worked on my body for three years. (And as a certified baby nurse, she has also cared for my baby born in 2013!) She is a listener and a healer, and uses her body to work on mine. BioSync is a truly unique experience that is beyond merely massage. Carine’s work has helped… Lire la suite »

Jayne D.

Working with Carine has allowed me to break through physically and emotionally. This is what TBA is, a technique that works on all energy levels, from subtle to dense, to allow for the release of pain, tension, emotion, blocks and deeply held emotions that you didn’t even know were there. And it feels like heaven…. Lire la suite »

Charise G.

Carine is a genius. She is helping me release tension that I have lived with for so long I can’t remember living without it. She is incredibly attuned to the individual body and has relieved pain that goes way beyond the physical for me. I recommend her with great enthusiasm. Read it on Yelp

Cindy L.

Carine is an amazing talented intuitive healer of the highest order.   She has been one of my favorite healers for the last 10 years. When a truck hit my car – I was severely injured, in chronic pain and in a wheel chair.  Through Carine’s magic hands she was able to  help me heal… Lire la suite »

Cindy LeBow

Carine is an amazing intuitive skilled healer. I have been going to her for healing for many years. After a truck hit my car and I was in a wheel chair for 2 years, Carine worked on me diligently for hours at a time to help me get out of the wheel chair and back… Lire la suite »

Sarvagata Ukrainskyi

“Carine, I wanted to offer my most sincere gratitude for your multiple treatments during this summer’s Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. As you know, I was fortunate to have placed first but it’s not a race against other people so much as it’s a race against one’s own mind. Somehow I managed to hold everything together… Lire la suite »

Inês Beleza Barreiros

This is what I took of most precious from the sessions with Carine: – A deeper body consciousness and, therefore, a better posture. – Consequently, a deeper self-knowledge: of what I was (and what happen to me) and who I am now. – A clear mind and truthfulness to myself. – Self-confidence and self-acceptance. –… Lire la suite »