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Inès Beleza Barreiros

This is what I took of most precious from the Biosync sessions with Carine: – A deeper body consciousness and, therefore, a better posture. – Consequently, a deeper self-knowledge: of what I was (and what happen to me) and who I am now. – A clear mind and truthfulness to myself. – Self-confidence and self-acceptance…. Lire la suite »


Carine literally saved me when I was having chronic hip pain. She is an amazingly talented body worker and biosync is a type of body work that felt as if it was adding space into what felt like my cramped joints. I find that beyond the work of biosync body work she also has a… Lire la suite »

Christina McCormick, MSN, APN, CRNA

I started Total Body Awakening with Carine over 7 years ago because of 10/10 thoracic/between shoulder back pain. I had spent the better part of a year going to physical therapy three times a week, acupuncture, yoga, massage, and multiple doctors. I had a poor reaction to muscle relaxants (so I only tried once). I… Lire la suite »

Nik I.

I first went to Carine to help release muscle tension as I trained for a half marathon. She ended up helping me in ways I never could have dreamed of. I had recently gone through a very traumatic sexual abuse experience. One where I would eventually have to testify in court about what happened. Through… Lire la suite »

Naoko Robbins

Read more reviews on Google I had constant aching in my hip, due to a dance injury. I took a session with Carine, and the pain diminished. I now take sessions with her regularly, to maintain my body healthy and reduce tension from overwork teaching dance and exercise. Carine is a wonderful and positive person,… Lire la suite »

Nicholas Flores

Read more reviews on Google Carine is an amazing massage therapist and biosync is a great healing modality! I have gone to Carine countless times over the years, and she has always helped restore my body to a state of wellbeing and harmony. I am super grateful for the work she does! If you want… Lire la suite »

C Lo

Read more reviews on Google Carine is a true healer. I’ve suffered with sciatica stemming from neck and back injuries. No one has been able to help relieve this pain, except for Carine. She has helped me physically and also has taught me how to breathe and let go of emotions that cause stress, which… Lire la suite »

Craig Hall

Read more reviews on Google Carine excels in her profession. It goes far beyond deep tissue massage. She works all the tensions, pains and toxins out of your body. I typically go for 1.5 to 2 hours. I leave there relieved of the pressures my life builds up and stores away in my body.

Alex Morf

Read more reviews on Google I have been to so many different kinds of body work for chronic neck pain. I can confidently say that Corine has given me more relief and freedom from my pain and restriction than anyone else I’ve ever been treated by. I honestly feel 10 pounds lighter in body and… Lire la suite »

Lisa Snyder

Read more reviews on Google This is much more than a deep tissue massage. It’s a profoundly powerful release, and it’s helped me both on a personal and physical level. Carine’s intuition is so strong that she knows exactly what my body is asking for. She is gentle when need be, and other times, she… Lire la suite »