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A trip to New York is not complete without the healing energy of BioSync practitioner, Carine Vermenot.Her work is amazing and profound - the depth of intuition is matched by extensive training: she truly is that rare practitioner whose hands know where the body needs to release and unfold. I always walk away with a clearer, more focused mind, enhanced physical energy, a serene heart, and a singing spirit!

Tony Robbins, motivationnal speaker and best seller author

Carine’s work must be angelic in origin. She exudes a feeling of warmth
and compassion that has you feeling safe and cared for. She seems to intuitively
know where to go and what to do to free you. The work penetrates very deeply,
to the core of the issue. It is done in a special way. It is not too sharp or painful,
but instead feels right and natural. I always leave feeling light, open and
relaxed, yet energized. It is a totally rejuvenating experience.
Whenever I am coming to New York I eagerly look forward to our sessions as
one of the highlights of my visit.
Her Royal Highness, Sultanah Kalsom Shah